Semos is an independent software company focusing on design, development, implementation and technical support of complex enterprise solutions. We have experience in implementing HR and ERP solutions. We are a partner of SAP and participating in the SAP PartnerEdge Program for Application Development.

Project Timeline

In 2012, we started a regional gift card project. We developed online eGift service for consumers. We also started a regional network of shops in South East Europe. One of the learning was that companies were our biggest customer to buy such gifts for their employees.

End of 2013, we got accepted by SAP to participate in the SAP HANA Development Accelerator program. And during the entire 2014, we were building JobPts with the technical, partner and business support from SAP teams.

End of 2014, we are launching an initial deployment at SAP North America to productively deploy and use JobPts. The rest is history...


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Semos Software LLC

EU - Germany
Semos GmbH

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