Why JobPts

Consumers get loyalty points as instant gratification when they fly, shop, or eat out. At work, now employees will be able to give and receive job points with instant feedback.

JobPts allows companies to inspire achievement with recognition and real rewards, across different LoB areas. While it also complements and integrates with existing performance, compensation and payroll processes and tools used.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

JobPts gives your team a formal place to recognize and appreciate one another daily. But we go above and beyond the rest with our built-in functionality that ties peer recognition back to company values and reinforces the behaviors that mean success for your organization.

Manager-To-Peer Recognition

When an employee does something truly special, they deserve job points that stand out. JobPts facilitates a positive, top-down recognition program via Awards. You designate who in your company has permission to send them, and they’re also completely customizable to your company’s brand and culture.


Points leaderboards showcase the top JobPts senders and receivers each month, and bring a gamification element to your engagement program. This features highlights your culture ambassadors and those who are making an impression on their peers and the organization.

Celebrate Birthdays & Work Anniversaries

JobPts never misses a chance to celebrate! The system automatically sends out customizable emails and job points to your employees on these special occasions.

Instant Rewards

With our online eGift catalogue, it’s never been simpler to create a reward program for employees that’s centered around what your team loves. Employees just log in to their JobPts account, select what eGift card they’d like and it’s automatically delivered via email with a redemption code.

Custom Rewards

Custom Rewards is a feature that lets you custom select what items you’d like to put in the online catalog. From dinner at a local restaurant to a 1-day vacation, your team will love using their JobPts points. Like all of our rewards features, Custom Rewards is optional. If you choose to use it, simply upload images, item descriptions, assign a point value and you're set!